Saturday, 19 October 2013

Skin Care

Skin Care

As I have previously shown you how to care for your body before the spring racing carnivals or any special occasion, I thought it only fitting to show you how I specifically care for my skin. I have combination skin so I only wash my face using this routine once a day - just before bed - otherwise my skin becomes too dry. 

So to begin with I use Garnier's Clean Detox Gentle Brightening Foam to remove my makeup, sometimes I will need to use this twice depending on how much makeup I have on, I will then rinse this off and while my face is still slightly damp I will put on the Formula 10.0.6 Deep down Detox Ultra-Cleaning Mud Mask. 

I love this product, it smells like Orange and Bergamot. I usually only use this every second day otherwise my skin becomes dry in places. I leave the mask on for about 15mins, I never time it, just leave it until it's dry. I will then wash it off with a face-washer and warm water. Your skin is left feeling amazing after this.

Then I use a toner to make sure all of the face mask is removed, I just use one by Biore, it's the Triple Action Toner, Formula 10.0.6 have a good leave on cleanser that I will also use if I don't use the one by Biore. I pour it onto a cotton pad and spread it evenly over my face, I let it sit for a while before I apply moisturiser. I don't use night creams just because I feel my moisturiser works well for me during the day and night.

You can purchase all of these products from Priceline, they aren't overly expensive and are tried and tested for combination skin.

If you have any products to recommend for prepping skin let me know about them by commenting below.

Jayde X

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