Friday, 7 June 2013

Welcome to Jayde Hayes Designs!

This is my second post for my new blog Jayde Hayes Designs and let me tell you it is quite nerve racking. I love writing but have never seemed to be able to create a cohesive or even themed blog that one could consider credible. Yes, I have had some experience in the world of blogging a few years ago but it never got much attention; I didn't really have direction with it and it was often neglected. I am vowing right now that I will NOT neglect this blog!

So, I would like to formally introduce myself as Jayde Hayes. I am a fashion student and twenty years of age. I am from the North West Coast of Tasmania, specifically a little town called Burnie - not much happens here but I like it that way; I find one is much more creative with what little resources they have. I am presently completing my Diploma in Applied Fashion Design and Technology and am aspiring to be a future RMIT or Whitehouse fashion student.

Last year I decided to open a Facebook Page for my self-named label Jayde Hayes Designs where I sell my designs and talk about inspiring things. All my designs are available for purchasing; you can contact me on the page for more information.

I hope to use this blog to advertise my brand but will also be using it as fashion blog with loads of inspiring things to talk about!

Jayde X

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